Health and well being

Health Services

The school nurse attends the school on a regular basis for consultation with students, parents and staff. Routine health examinations, including developmental miles stones, vision, hearing and teeth are conducted on all Kindergarten students. Year 6 students receive information on scoliosis, colour blindness and growth and development. Other students requiring attention are seen as requested.

Dental care

The Dental Therapy Unit at Yakamia Primary School is available if you wish your child to receive treatment. Consent forms are issued during Term 1 to all new students. Children will then be rostered for examination/treatment. Contact the Therapy Unit direct on 9841 3498.

If you have not heard from the Dental Unit for 12 months please give them a ring.

Illness, accident and emergencies

The best place for a sick child is at home. Please help us to keep student admission cards up to date by notifying us of any changes so we can contact you in an emergency.

  • Home and work telephone numbers and addresses
  • Alternative people to contact
  • Health and custody issues

Drug and medication policy

  • A care plan for prescribed drugs is available from the front office and must be completed if the child needs to take medication at school.
  • Students requiring asthma medication must have labelled inhalers etc and be responsible for administering them as needed.
  • Non-prescribed drugs will not be administered.
  • If your child requires special care please discuss with your child’s teacher or one of the administration staff. Any health care plan must be negotiated with the Administration staff.


Public Health Regulations state that children infected with head lice can be excluded from school until their hair has been suitably treated. Nits do not fall off after treatment; they must be physically removed with a very fine toothed comb. Products are available from any chemist. It is important to be very vigilant in checking your children’s hair regularly. Information is available from the school office.