Safety at school


Children are not covered for accidents on school property. Parents may wish to take out private insurance. Student property is NOT covered by Department of Education insurance.

Safety and other issues

  • School hours – School commences at 8:50am and concludes at 3:10pm. Classrooms are open at 8.30am for students to get organised for their day. Students are not to be at school before 8:10am or after school hours.
  • Lost Property – Check “Lost Property” for missing items. Items not claimed after a month will be given to charity. Students must be responsible for their own property. Please clearly mark each item.
  • Hair – Long hair must be tied back.
  • Money – To prevent loss or theft, money for school events, voluntary contributions, book club or canteen must be handed to the appropriate person at the beginning of school.
  • Dogs/animals – For the safety of others dogs/animals are not allowed on the school grounds.
  • Bicycles – All students riding to and from school MUST wear a helmet as required by the law. It is recommended students under 10 do not ride to school unaccompanied. Bikes and scooters are not to be ridden on school grounds for safety reasons.
  • Leaving School Grounds – Students will remain within school boundaries. No student will leave the school grounds during school hours without the permission of the principal or duty teacher. Car park areas are out of bounds.
  • Classrooms – Students may not enter the classroom until the teacher has arrived. Permission must be granted to enter the classroom at recess or lunch.
  • Duty Teacher – Students requiring attention during recess or lunch breaks must see the teacher on duty.
  • Dangerous Games – Roller blades and skate boards are not permitted. Please play carefully.
  • Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol – Smoking is not permitted in school grounds. Possession and/or consumption of alcohol or deliberate inhalation of solvents will require severe disciplinary action.
  • Bubble Gum – No chewing gum or bubble gum is to be brought to school.