School Programs

General lessons

There is no specific religious instruction but all children are expected to abide by moral education which takes place as part of general lessons. The teachers are fully aware that some sects have different practise and beliefs and respect this. No child will be forced to participate in an activity which conflicts with their personal beliefs. However, for practical reasons the children will remain in the classroom. Please discuss any special considerations with your child’s teacher.


Students in Years 1 to 6 have the opportunity to participate in Music with our Music Specialist Teacher. Student use a range of instruments and their voices to explore and create music. The focus of our Music program is to enhance students creativity and to give students the opportunity to explore a range of skills and processes relating to music, including the use of technology in music.
We also have a school Choir for Years 4-6 who have the opportunity to perform to our school and wider community throughout the year.

Languages Program – Indonesian

Year 3 – 6 students engage with our Indonesian program to broaden their opportunities to develop an understanding of cultural diversity in the interconnected world we live in. Students are encouraged to explore their own linguistic, social and cultural practices and identities and those associated with speakers of Indonesian.


Students are provided with an engaging hands-on program with our Specialist Science Teacher each week. Students explore Earth and Space Sciences, Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, and Physical Sciences through the inquiry process.

Our Science program is fundamental in teaching students to investigate, make predictions, observe and solve problems to understand our biological, physical and technological world.

Physical Education & Health

Our Physical Education Program focuses on enhancing students movement abilities to be able to participate in team games and individual fitness activities. Students are challenged to do their personal best and have fun while being physically active. Our Health program focuses on making healthy and safe choices in life.
All students have one physical education and one house sport sessions per week.


Kindergarten to Year 6 are divided into three houses: Kardar, Quenda and Karrak.
Our houses names are from the Menang Noongar language and are animals found in Albany.
Kardar – (racehorse goanna) is a yellow house shirt, with the yellow symbolising the sandy areas it is found
Quenda – (bandicoot) is a green house shirt, with the green symbolising the bush areas it lives in
Karrak – (red tail cockatoo) is a blue house shirt, with the blue symbolising the blue sky it flies in

Children from the same family are placed in the same house. Children are encouraged to wear their correct colour house shirt when representing their house during sport sessions and sporting events.

Swimming Lessons

Students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 have two weeks of Interm Swimming lessons. All children are expected to attend unless medical reasons prevent them from doing so, a note is then required.

Albany has beautiful beaches, it is important that students gain a high level of swimming ability for their personal safety.

MiniLit and MacLit – Reading Intervention Program

These explicit evidence-based programs are used with our Yr 2-6 student to improve reading skills. Students work one-on-one with a trained MiniLit or MacLit coordinator to support and improve their reading and comprehension skills.

Reading Breakfast Club

Each Monday to Thursday before school we have our Reading Breakfast Club. All students have the opportunity to come and have a healthy breakfast and read a book to an adult. Staff, parents and community members volunteer their time to coordinate this valuable program and we are very fortunate to be supported with donations from the local community to provide a nutritious breakfast for students at Yakamia.