Our creed

Yakamia is our school.

It is full of pride and good sportsmanship whether we win or not.

Peace is shown between our classmates and elders.

We care for our school and respect the people within it.

We love our school and we love our family.

Remember our motto, “Earn Honour”

Our Mission statement

To promote the healthy development of every child so that each has the knowledge, skills and resiliency to be successful in a rapidly changing world.

Our emblem

Yakamia translated is “Home of the Turtle”

The concentric circles of Aboriginal art usually represents a water course such as Yakamia Creek which flows past the school.

The profiles of the boy and girl enclosed by the concentric circles symbolises a child centred school.

School song

Earn honour for Yakamia

Earn honour for Yakamia

We work hard and play hard

We’re second to none

While we’re achieving we try to make it fun

Earn honour, earn honour

Earn honour for Yakamia